Rohil Basmai Valley Trek a Versatile Trek in Kashmir

Rohil Basmai Valley Trek a Versatile Trek in Kashmir

The Rohil Basmai Valley Trek is a versatile trek in Kashmir because it reveals something unexpected in every part of the journey. The trails are isolated with extremely beautiful nature.

Go through the boulder section and an alpine lake emerging out of the glacier filled mountain peaks.

Explore the Rohil Basmai Valley Trek

Rohil valley is wide and picturesque but the Basmai valley is narrower. But both of them are equally spectacular.

Wide Grasslands of Rohil Basmai Valley Trek in Kashmir

The Rohil Basmai Valley trek features wide valleys, broad lush grasslands and tall trees on the mountain valleys. Stare at the snow covered peaks looming in the north horizon. Witness tributaries merging and taking shapes of rivers in front of you.

Day 1 :Pahalgam to Aru to Lidderwat (9131 feet) (10 km) (5/6 hours)

The vehicle will be arranged from Pahalgam and the journey to Aru is 15 km long which can be covered in half an hour. Start the trek from Aru and head towards Lidderwat valley, the ascent is steep through fir forest with some Gujjar settlements. Follow the Lidder River’s course and walk past the big land of agricultural fence. From here entire Aru village is clearly visible from a height.

Walk through thick forest of firs and come across a small clearing Dalla. Now the trail eases and the steep climb turns to pleasant walk towards Nandkei, Gujjar settlements are present in every part of the valley.

From Nandkei the trail bifurcates, walk down the bridge and reach the Lidderwat, observe beauty of this valley and witness the streams flowing across meadows. Setup your camps in the desired area and settle for the day.

Day 2 : Lidderwat to Satlunjan (10,500 feet) (5 km) (4/5 hours)

Leave Lidderwat and after a 20 minutes hike see 5-6 Gujjar huts. Walk on the flat terrain with some inclines and reach Trun Khalan. Now, the trail changes to rocky. Enjoy crossing streams and walking past Gujjar huts.

Khalan, the bigger village now emerges on the river’s left side. Other side of this village is Susrin. Ascend to the village’s top and revel in the beauty of Susrin Lake.

Walk through the boulders along the river from Khalan to Satlunjan. It is a Gujjar village with 15 huts. Reach the valley top and settle for the day.

Day 3 : Satlunjan to Sonasar Lake/Basmai Lake (12,450 feet) (4.5 km) (4/5 hours)

Today the climb is moderately steep right after you start trekking. Ascend towards Basmai valley and after few minutes come across Bakarwal huts present towards the left.

After 2 hours of hiking up, reach the boulder section and wide Basmai valley unfolds itself. Some Bakarwal huts are present near the river, descend towards them and climb gently from river’s right to boulder patch.

Get to other side of the river and start climbing to Sonasar Lake. This beautiful alpine Lake has got tranquil beauty. Setup your camps on its banks and retire for the night.

Day 4 : Sonasar Lake to Handilsar Lake (12,103 feet) (7.5 km) (5/6 hours)

Today leave from Sonasar Lake to Handilsar Lake. Retrace your steps and get back to Satlunjan, reaching there will take 2.5 hours. Take the trail diverging to Rohil Top.

A gradual climb will take you to the first lake. Reach there after 45 minutes hike from Satlunjan. After a next half an hour walk from Tsangsar Lake to Sunpatri.

From Tsangsar Lake, ascend to Handilsar Lake. Setup your camps and retire for the night.

Day 5: Handilsar Lake to Rohil top (13,000 feet) and back to Satlunjan (10,500 feet) (6.5 km) (5/6 hours)

Climb to Rohil Top via Hapatsar Lake. After a 45 minutes hike reach the Lake, it lies at an altitude of 12,800 feet. And above Hapatsar, snow patches looks beautiful which feed this Lake.

The ascent to Rohil Top is moderate and this is the highest altitude of this trek. The views offered from there are exotic and the trail follows Rohil Nalla to the left.

The picturesque Rohil valley is narrow compared to Basmai valley. From the top witness the splendid sceneries, retrace your steps and get back to Satlunjan.

Day 6: Satlunjan to Aru (7958 feet) (14 km) (5/6 hours)

Today the total trekking distance is 14 km and it is your longest day of the trek. Pass through lush grasslands and wide valleys surrounded by trees.

There are multiple mountain streams. Take short breaks and loose altitude, the downhill trek is an easy one. After 5/6 hours of hiking reach Aru in the evening. From Aru drive to Pahalgam for night stay.

Day 7: to Srinagar (96km) (3 hours)

Board vehicle from Pahalgam and reach Srinagar, the distance to be covered is 96km.

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