Pahalgam to Zanaskar Trek


Trip Highlights

Trekking in Zanskar is most unique and adventurous one. Since zanskar is located crouching between the formidable peaks of Great Himalayan and Zanskar Range, the trekking along the rugged and steep terrain of Zanskar is most thrilling and wholesome. This trail has been a favorite trail for pilgrims and armies crossing into Ladakh. It divides some of the worlds most spectacular mountain ranges. This trek is also know as Lonvilad Gali. Its also serves as an entrance to Pensi La in Zanskar Region which is a desolate an arid land in Ladakh. In way we will also get a chance to examine beauties of Srinagar, Pehalgam and Sheshnag Lake which lies on the route to Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage. The lake has a breath-taking view and freezes during the winters. According to Legend and local belief that mythical Sheshnag (King of Snakes) still lives in this lake. Trekkers will also visit Kanital Valley which is nothing short of a paradise. The trek ends at Kargil district of Ladakh at Suru Valley which is nestled in the foothills of the Great Himalayas in the awe inspiring Ladakh. The lower part of the valley being the most fertile parts of Ladakh since every year two crops are harvested thanks to the adequate water supply from melting snow glaciers.

Day 1: Chandanwari (2,896m)
Leave pahalgam early morning of chandanwari (2,896M)16km.this trek takes about 4hours. Chandanwari is small valley at the Junction of Sheshang and Astanmarg Stream. Overnight in tents.
Day 2: Sheshang
There is an initial climb of about 500meters to pisu top. Distance of 13km takes about 7 hours to reach Sheshang (3,576M) which is one of the wendiest Place in the valley. Overnight in tents.
Day 3: Zabarmarg(Rangmarg)
Leave Sheshang early morning for Saninalla pass (4,250M).Initial Climb to the pass is quite steep and the decent is even more so.This distance of 16km takes about 8hours.Overnight in tents.
DAY 4: HUMPET (3,260m)
Leave Zabarmarg for Humpet 15km of gradual climb along the River side leads to a beautiful camping groud humpet(3,260M).9 hours walk. Overnight in tents.
Day 5: Kanital
Further trek of 18 km takes -you to Kanital. Camp Overnight at the foot of the glacier.
Day 6: Buttpanchal Pass (Lonviladgali)
From kanital a gradually climb through boulders and broken glacier takes you to top of pass (4,800M) which offers a magnificent view of the Bobang peak. It takes 5 hours to pass through boulders and glacier 11km. Camping Overnight at the pass.
Day 7: Donara
Leave Buttpanchal pass for Donara, the pass is about 11km long and the descent From the pass is also through a Glacier. The Distance takes about 5hours.Overnight in tents.
Day 8: Panikhar(3,100m)
14 km trek takes you to the first village in sure valley .From panikhar (3,100 M) one can have a view of Nun-Kun peaks. The Distance takes about 5hours .The route is along the Chilong River. Overnight in tents.

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