Pahalgam to Kolhi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Trip Highlights

The Kolahoi Peak, also known as Gashair, has fuelled the dreams of technical climbers and ski mountaineers since the early 1900s.This incredible trek of Kolahoi Base Camp Trek takes us deep inside the forest of Lidder Vally and over high alpine pastures, as we venture towards the Kolahoi Glacier/ Kolahoi Base Camp to get up close to this mighty peak. (5734m) metres.
The Kolahoi Base Camp Trek route begins in the beautiful flower strewn meadow of Aru, and takes us through the rich pine forest of Lidderwat and Satlanjan (a shepherd’s paradise) to the terminal moraine of the Kolahoi Glacier also know as Kolahoi base camp for mountaineers.
It is beautiful trek starts through the pine forests and beautiful meadows of breath taking views on the way to Kolahoi Glacier. It is also biggest and highest glacier peak in Kashmir.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:We start from Pahalgam by a car in the Morning and reach to Aru in half hour.From Aru we go on foot to the wonder spot Lidderwath . We can also go by horses. Aru is eleven kilometers from Pahalgam and Lidderwath is also eleven kilometers from Aru. All along th way we live the scenery of lush green pine trees and of the serpentine tributary of river Lidder, singing all the time. We arrange all types of equipments needed for trekking . Beauty surrounding best assimilated when we are on foot.We can enjoy lunch at place called Draaidar.while walking we would feel beauty. The mind blowing beauty gives out heeling energy.
The medicine for heart and mind. We rest and resume for Lidderwath. We reach to Lidderwath. It takes us four hours on foot to reach Lidderwath. It is a wonderland . it is regarded one of the best spots. Here we camp and feel home away from home. It is almost plain meadows with big two streams flowing along its two sides sourrounding us are mountains covered with pines. All along the way here at Lidderwath we would see gipsy families living in mud houses during warm months of the year. These families have their own traditional culture not affected by so to modern culture. They are simple people.their they rear cattle and sell milk and milk products. We enjoy at Lidderwath camp fire till late night. The sight of this fire gives our heart happiness. We sleep in tents and enjoy dreams.

Day 02: After breakfast at Lidderwath we begin for sekiwas which is a beautiful meadow in route to Tarsar. All along the way we hear the music of the serpentine stream flowing between mountains. As we go go up, we don’t see pines but briches. We camp here and stay for a night. Here we would see gypsy families and shepherds living either in mud houses or in tents. It takes three hours to reach Sekiwas from Lidderwath. Here we would find different kind of vegitation and flowers

Day 03:After breakfast we begin for Tarsar Lake. It will take us five hours to reach Tarsar and then back to Sekiwas. On reaching to the lake we would feel on the top of the world. Here we would see no trees. The lake is surrounded almost from all sides by snow covered mountains. It is a big lake and one has to be ready to assimilate its beauty. It is deep, full of transparent water. It is basically a snow feed lake. Here we take lunch and have rest. We reach back to Sekiwas and enjoy night here.

Day 04: Day After breakfast at Sekiwas we are ready for another magic spot called Satlanjan. Here we could find ourselves in a different kind of land between the mountains. A big stream flows along east. Here camp and take lunch. We say here for night. Here we find cluster of gypsy families.

Day 05:After breakfast we begin for Kolhi glacier. – The source of river Jehlum flowing through the middle of Kashmir. It takes us three hours to reach Kolhi Glacier .it is impressive. Here we would find shepherd families rearing sheep. It takes us to three to reach to Kolhi and two hours to reach back to Satlanjan we enjoy another night at Satlanjan.

Day 06: After breakfast in the morning we start for Rohil a beautiful spot. It is on the right side of the Satlanjan. It takes us three hours to reach Rohil. It is a beautiful spot of nature. Here we would find flowers of different kinds and Brich trees. Here we would find gypsy families and shepherds. Every new minute will provide us a different feeling of beauty. Here we camp and take lunch. We enjoy here night.

Day 07:In the morning after breakfast we begin for Liddewath. Here we camp, take lunch and enjoy camp fire..

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