Kanimarg Day Hike

Kanimarg is a meadow stuffed with high pine trees. This place is inhabited by the natives called Gujjars who are popular in the town for providing services of horse riding. This is the first stop in the tour and also is ideal for camping and spending time around a bonfire with friends is best suited and recommended in the atmosphere of this place. The Forrest gets denser and dark as we move through the meadow. A perfect shelter for the trekkers moving forward, Kanimarg is as beautiful as any other natural park of Kashmir.

Breathtaking views on the way to Baisaran and Kanimarg.
Its worth going some extra distance from Baisaran for Kanimarg. Very calm and serene place with beautiful views all around. The route to Kashmir valley and Kanimarg takes you from beautiful green meadows and waterfalls. Its amazing and an adventurous ride.

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