Chatpal Kashmir

Chatpal Kashmir

Chatpal — an offbeat destination in Kashmir has largely remained untouched by touristic activities. The theatrical view comprising large forests is probably more than what a tourist can ever ask for. When the clouds incompletely engulf the pine woodland with the majestic sun-kissed Himalayas at the backdrop and the light blue river flowing at the base, it is a show that would awaken the poet in the beholder. If you make up your mind to visit this Kashmir then Chatpal should be in your list. The tourist accommodation in Chatpal stands next to a stream of rivulet with waters so clean and sweet. A typical autumnal day in Chatpal could be cold and drizzly. To keep yourself warm, the locals rely on close blankets and kangri, a traditionally scorched clay flat-mouthed vessel having live coals in it, and kept in a ligneous basket. The local men dress ardently in a firan, a traditionally woolen cover, which snugly hides a basket of kangri.

Chatpal Kashmir – Off Beat Gem Of Kashmir

Chatpal offers you a taste of simple life where you enjoy sights like children running along mountain slopes with their metal rings, or a sheepherding patiently attendance for his prodigal sheep to return from her pasture trip, and the climate playing even in the cold lavish. Night time, for a excursionist, is having dinner in the candle happiness and then escaping into the layers of sew made keen by the kangri. Sightseeing in Chatpal There is no sightseeing options in Chatpal . Tourists may go for a short trek with a local. The mountain trails link this village to the rest of the Kashmir valley. There is a village called Thimran nearby located on a hill slope. It has some shops and a primary school, as well as apple and walnut orchards. Beyond Thimran are located the grand mountains where the Gujjar community lives in mudy houses. They are friendly and would walk out of their comfort zone to extend support to the hungry travelers. Striking up a conversation with the locals will not be a difficult task due to their propitious nature. Since they are cut off from the modern society, they tend to get awed by looking at things like a mobile or camera. Here, it is recommended that tourists should carry cosmetics, confectionery or bawble for the local children and females as a token of sheer delight. All in all, Chatpal is a big indemnification from the touristic Pahalgam. There might rarely be any place to examination in this small village, but if you are solicit a tryst with nature and innocent folks, Chatpal is the place to be. How to reach Chatpal Chatpal is located in Shangus area. Jammu Tawi Railway station is the nearest railhead to Chatpal. At short distance from Anantnag – Chitergul roads leads to the destination.

Endowed with lush immature forests, dignified mountains, melodious springs bustling with milky white water gushing down the mountainous terrain and serene ambiance a blissful change from chaos of cities. The skies are shaded in clear blues which in evenings are washed by fiery red of the sunshine. The beautiful environs can only be justified by saying it’s a fairytale annulment in the flap of Himalayas.  There are not much accommodations available and the weather is intolerable most of the clock.

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