Harbagwan Lake Trek

Harbagwan Lake Trek

Trip Highlights

Aru, is a tiny village amidst the Himalayan forests and wildlife. Quite a number of treks begin in this region – the most famous ones being the treks to Tarsar and Marsar lakes, Kolahai glacier, Lidderwat and Katrinag valley. There are many camping sites at the meadows of Aru through which a small stream runs. If you prefer a more comfortable stay before the start of the Tarsar Marsar trek then there are few cottages and guest houses available as well.

Day 1 : We go from Pahalgam to Gagdi Pathri. We have pack ponies carrying essentials. Need rain clothes and warm clothes. This place is between two mountains and has mind blowing beauty and fresh water flowing streams. One can see beautiful wild flowers in the way and different species of birds. One can enjoy colorful scenery and can take beautiful snaps. We can pitch our tents here. It takes 5-6 hrs to reach this place. We arrange a night bonfire for your relaxation.
Day 2: After breakfast we move to another beautiful location called Aram Pathri. On the way we enjoy the singing of birds and sightseeing of nature blessed location. A fresh water stream flows by and you can enjoy the foot bridges on these river streams. On the way we see gypsy families living in mud houses rearing cattle’s. It takes us 2 hours to reach Aram Pathri, which is a plain meadow. There is a nearby stream where wild flowers grows in big rocks. We camp here and pitch our tents here. Day for your leisure to enjoy the nature. Night we light our camp fire for you to relax and enjoy.
Day 3: After breakfast we pack our lunch and begin for yet another thrilling woderspot called Danawath. It is on a very high altitute. We will hence not find pine trees but Birch trees provide a different look. We will find a small spring with clear and transparent water in it. It is a pasture with different vegitation and flowers. We rest and enjoy our packed lunch. It will take us approx 5 hrs to reach here and be back to AramPathri. Camp here and rest for the night.
Day 4:After breakfast we start to Nafran and to Harbagwan lake ahead. It takes us approx 8 hrs to reach Narfan and Harbagwan lake. Nafran is a pasture where shepards and nomadic bakerwalas (a tribe which shuttle between Jammu and Kashmir in search of grass for sheeps, goats and horses). The lake is very big. Here we find ourselves in a different world. One feels in top of the world. For a botanist this is the best place to find different kinds of plants and flowers.
Day 5: After breakfast we move to yet another beautiful location called Bajipathri. Here one can view the whole Kashmir and see how sheperds make cheese with sheeps milk. One can take beautiful snaps of flocks of sheeps. From here you can see tips of mountain. We enjoy lunch and tea here. It takes us approx 4 hrs to Bajipathri and back to Arampathri.
Day 6: We have breakfast and start back to Pahalgam. We return back to Pahalgam by a different route and see many hamlets. Trek ends here.

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